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B2B sales opportunities, identified and delivered. Stop cold calling and start selling to in-market leads.

The New B2B Sales Playing Field

Buyer’s Journey Tracking is a cutting-edge B2B lead generation technology that enables the identification of highly interested in-market leads at scale without cold outreach or website opt-ins.

Using a combination of AI machine learning, identity resolution, and online behavior data from over 5 billion URLs, Buyer’s Journey Tracking recognizes online behavior patterns leading up to purchase decisions and identifies (by name) the individuals exhibiting those patterns.

Our B2B Lead Generation Service

We use our Buyer’s Journey Tracking infrastructure to fill your company’s sales pipeline with in-market leads. These leads are prospects matching your targeting whose online behavior (both on and off your website) indicates interest in what you sell.

This is a white glove done-for-you service. There are no complicated back-ends or platforms to learn. The only thing required on your end is a sales team ready to sell the leads we deliver.

What Are In-Market Leads?

Cold Outreach ❌

Cold prospects are sales contacts, purchased in list format from static B2B prospect databases such as ZoomInfo. You don’t know how many of these prospects, if any, are actually interested in what you sell.

Many companies try to sell direct to prospects with cold outreach. This is time consuming, nearly impossible to scale, and demoralizing for sales staff who face constant rejection and low conversion rates.

In-Market Leads 🥳

In-market leads are prospects we’ve identified as interested in what you sell based on their online behavior. We give you these leads weeks or months before they would otherwise have interacted with a company.

In-market leads are much easier to sell to than cold prospects, but since they are early in the sales cycle, they aren’t yet shopping your competitors. We can also affordably and consistently generate them for you in high volumes.

Inbound Leads 😓

Inbound Leads are prospects that have expressed interest in your product or service by interacting with you or your marketing. Leads, unlike cold prospects, are individuals that are likely interested in what you sell.

Companies who invest more into marketing can generate inbound leads with SEO, paid ads, or other marketing efforts. These leads are easier to sell to, but costly to generate and are often already shopping competitors.

How We Generate In-Market Leads


In-Market Behavior Patterns

We use a mix of your website traffic, product/service keywords, and current customers to train our AI to spot the online behavior patterns that indicate a relevant individual is interested in your products or services.


Identifying In-Market Individuals

Once trained, our AI actively tracks the online behavior of more than 75% of US residents in real time, identifying specific individuals (not just companies) interested in your offerings as they enter the market.


Matching Prospect Information

We match in-market individuals to information from our in-house B2B prospect database as well as any prospect lists you provide us, to maximize the amount of information we can give you on each person.


Delivering In-Market Leads

We deliver segmented lists of in-market leads to your sales team in the manner, interval, and volume of your choosing. This occurs weeks or months before your competitors even know the potential business exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of leads we can generate is only limited by the size of your overall market, the quality of leads you want, and the bandwidth of your sales team. We work with each client to find the right balance of quality and quantity that enables maximum sales efficiency and overall lead conversion.

We have clients for who we generate over 10,000 leads per month. At this volume, the leads are segmented into groups at various levels of interest and stages in the sales cycle (buyer’s journey). Other clients, prefer just 300 or 400 extremely high-interest leads that are nearly ready to make a buying decision. We’ll work together to find the right balance for your company. 

Due to the highly custom and tailored nature of our service, we create unique quotes for every potential client. We are unable to provide a generic price for our services.

That being said, our pricing is aimed at enterprise-level national or regional companies. Most of these companies find our pricing surprisingly affordable relative to the massive value we deliver. 

The deliverable of our service is in-market B2B leads. These are individuals who match your targeting specifications, whose online behavior identifies them as interested in what you sell. 

We fully integrate with all CRMs, sales enablement software, or marketing platforms that have either an open API or a Zapier integration. We code custom API integrations if necessary to insure seamless integration into each client’s existing sales and lead generation process.

We do not work with small or local businesses. However, if you are an enterprise-level company with a regional service area, or just need lead segmentation by geographic area, we can definitely still help you. Schedule a fit call with us to discuss your use case. 

To begin with, IP trackers can’t tell you anything about anyone outside your website visitors. Even when it come to identifying website visitors however, IP trackers massively under-perform the site visitor identification capabilities of Buyer’s Journey Tracking technology.

IP tracking services match one identifier (IP) to one piece of information (a business name). Some of these IP trackers may provide prospect information for an identified visitor, but those are just employees of the company whose IP they recognized and not necessarily (or even likely to be) the actual website visitor identified. 

Due to IP changes, business relocation, and the shared nature of IPs, this identification strategy is wildly unreliable. Other businesses working out of the same office building, visitors of the business using their WiFI, and every employee of that company share the same IP addresses. If a company moves, switches to a new internet provider, or even just resets their network, they get new IP addresses and the old ones are recycled and used elsewhere in the geographic area. It may take B2B IP trackers months or years to update their databases to reflect these changes, and inaccuracies add up quickly. 

Buyer’s Journey Tracking technology tracks over 400 unique identifiers, including but not limited to IP, device ID, user agent, advertising IDs, and unique site cookies. When a site visitor lands on your website, we use our identity graph to match the combination of identifiers to not just a company, but that visitors actual name, email, and other prospect information when available. Even if one identifier, such as IP, changes, we can still identify the person by the other identifiers and update or add the changed identifier accordingly. With this approach we can identify by name roughly 50 percent of human US traffic with a high degree of accuracy. 

Yes, we are fully CCPA compliant and we guide every client through the steps necessary to also comply on their end when they onboard with us. 

We do not collect data on any individuals, URLs, or online behaviors outside of the United States, this makes us GDPR compliant by default as we fall outside its jurisdiction.

If you are an international company that serves customers both inside and outside the US, you can use our service freely for US lead generation without any GDPR compliance issues. 

Yes, we can generate business to government and business to education leads as effectively as we can business to business. If your company falls into this category, we’d love to talk to you. 

Completely legal when done properly. In fact, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and almost every other Fortune 500 technology company has been built on the foundation of tracking people’s online behavior.

We’re part of an emerging business arms race towards leveraging this same online behavior tracking technology (which we call Buyer’s Journey Tracking) for lead generation and personalized customer experiences. This is new and exciting, and may scare some people not aware of how much their online behavior is being tracked, but it falls well within US privacy laws. 

All that being said, we take extensive precautions to avoid any unethical or questionable use of the data we leverage. Reverse look-ups (putting in a name and getting back their recent online history) is not possible with our service or technology and we are legally and ethically bound not to offer or sell such a service. The data we pull into our system is heavily encrypted, and insights on who is “in-market” or not, as well as what stage of the buyer’s journey they are in, are all gathered by AI machine learning algorithms looking for patterns in the collective data.

We cannot reveal to a client, nor do we (as human beings) see ourselves, what web pages a lead identified by our system has visited or what they have searched for, unless those activities are performed on the client’s own website. This keeps us well within the ethical and legal use of the data we gather.

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