Marketing for Home Improvement Contractors

The best solution for serious contractors looking for increased leads, better jobs, and more great employees.

Capture More Leads

By launching and maintaining a stunning website and leveraging search engine traffic, our service generates increased high-quality organic leads in no time.

Land Better Jobs

Our proprietary process crafts your company’s online image and marketing funnel to get you more of the jobs you want, while filtering out those you don’t.

Find Great Employees

By putting your passion for your business on display through online branding and promoting your available positions, we can help you find and keep a great team.

What our clients have to say...

Landscape Design Dalzell Design Landscaping.

"Fast Return on Investment"

“We have been very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge Blackfire Media has brought to the table. Their smart and honest approach quickly began generating a high quantity of new leads, giving us a fast return on investment. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the home improvement industry seeking a reliable and proactive approach to online marketing.”

William Dalzell

Roofer DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation.

"A GAME CHANGER for our Business"

“I can’t say enough great things about the team at Blackfire Media. Working with Blackfire Media has been a GAME CHANGER for our business. I am constantly getting compliments from customers and other contractors on our website and online presence. If you own a home improvement company, sign up today. Best decision for any home improvement business owner!”

John Delaurier

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Answer: Within the first 60 days.

Long Answer: How quickly we can improve the quantity and quality of your leads depends on your company and what online marketing you’ve paid for in the past. We aim to have the first iteration of your new website live within 30 days, which often creates and immediate (sometimes even drastic) boost in lead flow depending on the state of your current website. The most marked increases in the quality and quantity of your leads however, will begin to appear after about 6 months of service when your website begins really climbing the search engine rankings as the result of our Search Engine Optimization work. 

No commitments, no contracts (unless requested by client), just good online marketing!

We believe our work speaks for itself, so we give our clients the freedom to cancel their service at any time without restriction. We’d rather earn your loyalty as a client than legally bind you into a long-term relationship.

The online review generation and search engine optimization work that is included with our service remains permanently attached to each client’s domain and business profiles even after canceling. Clients who cancel also have the opportunity to permanently purchase the website that is included with our service and transfer it to a different hosting service for $500 per page.  

Other than a few onboarding tasks in month one, there is no time/involvement required from the client for us to deliver results. 

Although not in any way required or necessary, we still welcome our clients to participate and contribute as much as they like. This involvement is completely at their own convenience. 

About BlackFire Media

Blackfire Media is a marketing services company serving home improvement businesses across the Unites States and Canada.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve grown into the highly relied upon home improvement marketing solution we are today, serving our growing list of clients from our offices in Atlanta, Georgia. We are owned by Ancel Briley, an online marketing expert for over six years with a unique passion for the home improvement industry.

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